Rubuen’s Story: Part Three – Keep on Knocking

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Part Three

Rubuen kept attending the Bible study in the prison’s library. The inmate leading the Bible study saw Rubuen’s love for God, so he asked him to lead the Bible studies right before he was released from prison. This caused Rubuen a lot of anxiety because he didn’t know how to teach the Bible. God brought to Rubuen’s mind and heart the hymns he learned at FBC Bridgeport, Michigan as a teenager. He began with writing the hymns down on paper and then sharing them with other inmates. “I doubted myself,” said Rubuen. “But, I kept sharing about Jesus because there was no one else to lead the Bible study.”

Now Rubuen knocked on the doors of his cellmates. Crowds of inmates soon gathered for the Bible studies. After a while, an MS-13 gang member began cleaning the windows of the library so he could listen to Rubuen. The gang member was petrified to speak with Rubuen because MS-13 vehemently hates Jesus. MS-13 gang members will often beat and/or rape their members who try to learn about Jesus or follow Jesus.

One day, the gang member secretly asked Rubuen for prayer. Eventually, someone informed the other gang members about the one gang member talking to Rubuen about Jesus. Soon, MS-13 leaders went to Rubuen’s cell and threatened him. Rubuen knew that he might get help from a Mexican gang located in another area of the prison. Terrified, he ran to that location. The leaders of the gangs met. They gave Rubuen two options: 1) Take a beating to stay and keep teaching the Bible study, or 2) Leave that block and not get beaten.

Rubuen chose to take the beating so that he could stay in the cell block and continue to spread the message of Jesus.

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As Easter approaches, I am reminded of the ultimate sacrifice Christ made for our sins. How many of us are “knocking on our neighbors’ doors” to tell them about Jesus? Rubuen might have made some bad choices in his life, but his decision to take a beating for the Gospel is beyond any sacrifice I have ever made for the Kingdom of God. May you be inspired by Rubeun’s story this Easter and share hope with someone. Keep knocking! Someone might answer the door!!!

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