Rubuen’s Story: Part Two – A Knock at My Door

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Part Two:

Rubuen had an uncle who was a Christian. His uncle would come and visit Rubuen’s mother occasionally, to tell her about Jesus. Rubuen would hide behind the couch in the living room and watch and listen to his uncle talk about Jesus. He was drawn to what his uncle said about the love of God. At the time, Rubuen didn’t know that God was with him on this journey.

When he was 14, Rubuen and his family were visited by members of FBC Bridgeport, Michigan, going door-to-door in his drug infested neighborhood to witness to people. “Two elderly women knocked on my family’s back door,” said Rubuen. “I remember getting on my knees on our kitchen floor and asking Christ to be my Savior. I was crying out from inside of myself. Accepting Christ was the best thing that ever happened to me. I’ve never been the same since.”

FBC had a bus ministry that would pick him up for weekend events. They had a Bible study, and then did something fun. Rubuen learned more and more about God. Sadly, his brothers and friends started teasing him about attending church. The mocking came mercilessly. “One night the church members from the bus ministry knocked on my door,” stated Rubuen. “I was dying to answer the door, but I didn’t.” Rubuen stopped attending church after that night.

Even though Rubuen accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior, he was unable to break his chains totally from the way he was raised. Joining a gang provided him with protection from others. He dropped out of school in eighth grade and started running away from home to stay with friends. Rubuen lived with different people in different cities. When he was 15, he met an older girl who had a place of her own, so he moved in with her. They broke up, but their paths would cross later in Rubuen’s life.

Rubuen married a woman with whom he had three children and eventually got out of the gang. Unfortunately, his drug and alcohol abuse persisted. After she could take no more of Rubuen’s addiction, she moved with their three kids to Texas. “It’s good that I wasn’t around my kids after they moved because I was a bad example,” said Rubuen.

In 2004, Rubuen was sentenced to prison for non-violent criminal charges of dealing drugs. While in prison, an inmate knocked on Rubuen’s cell door and invited him to attend a Bible study. Once again, he answered the call when someone brought Christ to him. Rubuen drew closer to God, and he saw himself being released more and more from his spiritual prison. God was always with Rubuen and kept knocking on his door.

This Easter, we urge you to knock on a neighbor’s or stranger’s door and tell them about Christ or invite them to church. It might be the invitation they have been waiting to receive.

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