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Homeless Shelter

Two Locations. One Purpose.

Faith Mission Shelter

Serving Men & Families

1300 Travis Street, Wichita Falls

(940) 723-5663

Faith Mission houses one main dormitory for men, four rooms for families with children, and dorms for those in either our New Beginnings or Faith Enterprise programs. In addition to providing shelter, it also provides clothing and meals to adults and children, which is a service available to the community. See the daily schedule for the availability of these services.

Faith Mission is also home to the New Beginnings Recovery Program for men. New Beginnings is a 6-month course for male residents desiring to overcome addiction. This is a free substance abuse program for men who enter the program either voluntarily or by court order. Students in this program volunteer for the organization and share a variety of responsibilities related to the day-to-day operations.

Following the New Beginnings program, men may choose to enter our job-readiness residential program called Faith Enterprises. Faith Enterprises is a social enterprise which offers lawn services and tree maintenance to the community. Graduates in our New Beginnings Program are able to develop a positive work history and accumulate savings leading to employ-ability and independence. Call 940-761-6006 to schedule your project.

Men or families needing a safe place to stay can sign in at 6:00 p.m. daily or call Faith Mission at 940-723-5663 to speak with someone.


Serving Women & Children

710 E. Hatton Road, Wichita Falls

(940) 322-4673

Faith Refuge offers shelter and meals for women and mothers with children experiencing homelessness. It houses one main dorm for women, a dorm for women with children, one dorm for New Beginnings programmers, and one dorm for Career Academy students.

The New Beginnings Recovery Program for women is a 10-month residential work program for those desiring to overcome addiction. Women in the program assist with day-to-day operations of Faith Refuge.

The Faith Refuge Career Academy is a free 12-week Academy that prepares women for the workforce using biblical precepts for daily living. The Career Academy is also open to the public for free. Courses in the Academy include Boundaries, Anger Management, Computer Skills, Jobs for Life, Money Management, Parenting Plus, Professional Communication, and more. The Academy partners with Region IX Education Service Center to offer GED preparation and testing. It also partners with local businesses and volunteers to mentor and equip women for the workforce.

Graduates of the New Beginnings Recovery Program for women and the Faith Refuge Career Academy are eligible to apply for a scholarship to further their education.

Women needing a safe place to stay can sign in at 5:00 p.m. daily or call Faith Refuge at 940-322-4673 to speak with someone.


Each Shelter offers clinic services for our residents

Faith Mission Schedule

6:00am Breakfast (on Saturday and Sunday, breakfast is at 7am)

8:30am Chapel

12:00pm Chapel (Sundays at 12:30pm)

12:30pm Lunch (Sundays at 1pm)

7:30pm Chapel

8:00pm Dinner

8:30pm Check-In to Stay Overnight

9:00pm Lights Outs

For More Information

Call… (940) 723-5663


6:00am Breakfast 

8:00am Chapel

12:00pm Lunch

5:00pm Check-In to Stay Overnight

6:00pm Chapel

(no chapel on weekends)

6:30pm Dinner

9:30pm Lights Out

For More Information

Call… (940) 322-4673



Clothing, shoes, and bedding, as available, are distributed at Faith Mission. Meals and Chapel are always provided, see schedule above.

Women & Families

For women and families, vouchers are available on Mondays, from 10am – 11am or 1pm – 2 pm. Vouchers for clothing and shoes for women and families are to be redeemed at Faith Resale and Donation Center located on 4502 Old Jacksboro Hwy. in Wichita Falls, TX. 

Men & Families

For men, vouchers are available Wednesdays and Fridays, from 10am – 11am or 1pm – 2pm.  Vouchers for clothing and shoes for men are redeemed at the Faith Mission clothing room only. 

 You must have a form of ID for yourself and each child.  Acceptable forms of ID for adults include driver’s license, state ID card, Mission ID, inmate card, military ID, probation/parole certificate, passport, or college ID. Acceptable forms of ID for children are social security cards, birth certificates, or food stamp benefit papers.

All services provided through Wichita Falls Faith Mission are FREE to the public. This is done with the generosity of individuals, groups, foundations, businesses and other organizations.