Rubuen’s Story: Part Four – Walk by Faith

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After taking a beating from the MS-13 gang member, Rubuen continued to minister to the prisoners in his jail block. After his release from prison in 2010, he worked on rebuilding his life; however, it was hard to get away from the hurts and pains of his childhood. Rubuen reconnected with an old girlfriend and moved to Texas in December of 2010. They eventually married and got involved with a local church.

Scripture | Isaiah 43:18-19

Rubuen and his wife loved serving the Lord together. She worked with the media team, performed administrative tasks, and cooked meals at the church. Rubuen volunteered in the children and youth ministries.

The church started experiencing conflict, and Rubuen’s addiction problem kept creeping back into his life. From 2016 to 2018 he couldn’t keep a job. “My addiction was tearing my wife up mentally and emotionally,” said Rubuen. “My kids found out in 2017 that I was using again and two of them stopped talking to me. They hate that I allowed drugs to come back into their lives, but they still love me.”
As an attempt to get Rubuen to face his drug addiction, his wife asked him to move out in November 2018. “My wife loves me unconditionally and sees the man who I really am. She never gave up on me,” said Rubuen.

Rubuen reached his breaking point, and he thought, “I’m going to be destroyed if I don’t surrender to God.” He reached out to his wife to help him find a biblically based addiction recovery program. Through a Google search, Rubuen’s wife found Wichita Falls Faith Mission. She read how the addiction recovery program is faith-based and uses discipleship as a way to help people overcome their addictions.

“My spirit was broken when I came to Faith Mission,” shared Rubuen. “I felt so distant from God. I felt like vomit. As I entered the doors and saw the cross on the floor of the entry way, I felt like scales were falling off of me. I felt the hand of God was here at this place.”

Rubuen graduates from the New Beginnings Addiction Recovery Program in July. He continues to address the root causes of his addiction. He shared that he sometimes still has a lot of self-doubts, but in his own words, “I’m going to walk by faith and keep my eyes on Jesus Christ.” Please pray that Rubuen will always keep his eyes on God and his marriage will be restored.

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