Reymundo’s Story – A Journey to Sobriety

At the age of 16, Reymundo married and dropped out of school. He and his young bride had three boys. His drug habit started at the age of 19 when both of his parents passed away in the same year. Reymundo’s father was a violent man and was murdered. His mother became sick two days after his father died. She died in an ambulance on her way to the hospital. Reymundo did not know how to handle grief, so his usage spiraled out of control.

“I couldn’t forget what happened. Drugs helped me forget a lot of things,” said Reymundo. His addiction exposed him to a lot of worse things than grief. He lost his wife, kids, relationship with his siblings, and friends. He became involved with drug dealers and became violent. “You have to be when you’re running around with drug dealers,” said Reymundo.

The more he used drugs, the less he slept, and the more he hallucinated. The hallucinations became worse and would cause Reymundo to lose control of himself during that stage of his life. “I have seen evil,” Reymundo said with a distraught facial expression.

He could not keep a job. Reymundo picked up the habit of stealing from family and friends to pay for his drug addiction. He was living in his car because no one would allow him in their homes.

His lifestyle caused him to go to prison. While there, Reymundo tried to commit suicide three times. He was released from prison and continued to drift. “It’s time to get clean, but how do I do it?,” Reymundo asked himself. He had been to several rehabs and hospitals but had no success through those programs.

One morning he woke up in Mineral Wells, Texas after being sober for two days. He started walking to a church. The pastor was there and counseled Reymundo. “You are very lost,” the pastor told Reymundo. “God is the only one that can heal you. I’m going to send you to a friend of mine named Pete Corrales at Faith Mission.”

When Reymundo arrived at Faith Mission, he was severely depressed, had terrible anxiety, was suicidal ― he was a broken man. The staff at the Mission contacted several local agencies that helped him get the right things and medication he needed. They also told him about God.

“Praying to God a lot has helped me the most. I lay on my bed every night and talk to God. He answers me back. He healed me from my addiction,” said Reymundo.

Since being at Faith Mission, he has been drug-free for nearly two years, and Reymundo’s relationships with two of his sons have been restored. Also, the Wichita County D.A. has worked with another county to get warrants cleared and a payment schedule set up to pay Reymundo’s fines. When talking with his sons, he says, “Look what God is doing with your dad.” With grateful hearts to God, the staff of Faith Mission looks at Reymundo’s restored life and smiles.

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