Mary’s Story

Mary’s brother, John, started drinking at an early age and fought the addiction of alcohol and drugs for years.  John would have good spells where he could fight his demons, have a job and maintain family life, but something would happen, he would lose his job, end up back on the streets and end up at the Faith Mission.  Three years was the longest that he could remain sober.

John had four brothers and sisters and most of the family members tried to reach out at one time or another and stay in contact with him.  But John struggled with his demons.

Once when John ended up at Faith Mission, he was sick, with the mission’s help he ended up at the hospital in San Antonio.  He was in the hospital for over four months.  While in San Antonio he was offered a place to stay but he wanted to come back to Wichita Falls and the Faith Mission because that is where his friends were, and he felt at home.

It had been seven years since Mary had spoken with John.  Her individual support group urged her to reach out to him.  She met John over lunch at the Faith Mission along with his friends.  Mary wanted to do something to help somehow.  Once when she was visiting with John it was wintertime.  She noticed that his friends did not have hats, gloves or socks.  She said that they had too much pride to ask for them.  Over the next year, she collected hats, gloves, socks and razors.  She gave away 50 care packages at the Faith Mission.  That was five years ago, this year she gave away over 100 care packages. John passed away July 29, 2017.

So, my hope is that every time one of these men put on a hat or a pair of gloves that I have provided to them… that they will know that they’re loved, and they’re cared for no matter what.  We’re all God’s children and we all are loved, and I don’t want anybody whether it’s a fault of their own or just have a run of bad luck, to not know that they’re not love because Jesus loves us all.  And I want them to feel that love too.”


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