Jessica’s Story – Facing the Mirror

“I always told myself I wouldn’t do drugs,” Jessica said. She had a good childhood in a two-parent household in Electra, Texas. It wasn’t until she was 18 years old and offered drugs by a cousin that her addiction started. For over two decades since then, she was a high functioning addict.

Last year she was evicted from her apartment and became homeless due to her drug addiction. It was a low point for her. She had just broken up with her boyfriend of five years, her son went to prison, she was raising her granddaughter at the time and was now facing homelessness. At this point, she didn’t care whether she lived or died.

She turned to Faith Refuge after hearing about it from her father. Her dad is a business owner who heard about the Refuge from an employee who completed the program. He thought highly of the program and knew his daughter could also benefit.

Jessica found herself at a crossroad in life and had to make a choice, “I could continue being selfish or be there for my son and grandbaby, put my pride aside and come to the Refuge.” After initial reluctance, she chose to come to Faith Refuge in February of 2019.

Every single day she saw a little bit of change taking place as she learned more about God. Initially, she was in the client dorm but after feeling the changes within her she decided to take a leap of faith and join the Career Academy.

Jessica stated that her favorite aspects of the Career Academy include the curriculum and the friendships she’s formed with the other ladies. She’s learned how to create boundaries and not fall into old habits as she moves forward in her life with God.

Close to the end of her stay at Faith Refuge, Jessica reflected on what impact the Career Academy had on her. She replied, “When I looked in the mirror, I was the person nobody wanted to be around. I didn’t like who I saw in the mirror. I saw a failure, a bad mother, disappointment. But now since I’ve started all of this, I like who I am. Now I see that I’m not a failure and that I’m not a disappointment.

Jessica graduated from the Career Academy on July 25, 2019. Her plans include continuing the path she is on and providing a Godly life for her granddaughter. “I want to show her things that I should have shown my son.” She dreams of going back to cosmetology school. Her family and son are proud of the changes she’s made in her life. Her son believes that if she can turn her life around, so can he.

“I didn’t care whether I lived or died when I first came here. That was the dark place that I was in. Now I do care. I am a child of God. The testimonies I’ve heard here have helped me so much to become the person that I am today. Now I know that I can help the next person when they’re down and out. It feels good to be like that. I like who I see in the mirror.”

Your support of Faith Refuge and Faith Mission helps women like Jessica get back on their feet to know their value in the eyes of God. Jessica is sober for over six months now! She requests that you keep her in your prayers so that she may continue on the journey that God has planned for her. Pictured is Melissa Lundy (left), Career Academy Director, with Jessica.

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