A New Beginning for Jeremy

Jeremy’s first childhood memory was seeing his father passing from this life to the next. “Daddy! Daddy! Wake up!” cried a frightened young boy named Jeremy. His father slumped over in the passenger seat of their family car. By the time Jeremy’s mom reached the hospital, his father was dead.

Jeremy describes his younger self as a bad kid. Without the guidance of a loving father, he chose the wrong friends and chose to use drugs and alcohol at a very young age. Jeremy doesn’t blame his mom for his choices. “My mom was a good mother,” said Jeremy. “She worked two to three jobs for many years to guarantee we had everything we needed.”

For many years it was just Jeremy and his mom. Then at the age of 17, Jeremy’s little sister was born. “I didn’t want her to think I was a piece of trash, so I tried to get better,” stated Jeremy.

As much as he wanted to leave the life of drugs and theft, Jeremy couldn’t overcome the root problems that led him to do those harmful things. Things continued to escalate in his life and by the time he was 28 years old, he lost everything he had. He started couch surfing and jumping from home to home. His drug addiction prevented him from holding down a job. “Even low-lifes gave up on me,” he stated.

A friend of his convinced him to join the New Beginnings Program at Faith Mission. He did not know anything about God when he first came through the doors. “I prayed to God to save me or take me,” he cried out. When he first spoke with Bob Johnston, Men’s Program Director, tears were falling down his face. “I was lost,” he admitted. Bob led him to Jesus.

While at Faith Mission, the hardest thing for Jeremy to do was stay steadfast in the program. His motto growing up was, “I’m not going to let anything stop me.” He kept that motto in his heart during his stay at the shelter. “God never gave up on you, who are you to give up on Him?

Jeremy has since completed the New Beginnings addiction recovery program and Faith Enterprises program. While challenging, he learned how to put his pride aside, surrender to authority and follow rules. He found a positive path in life and is determined to stay on track.

Jeremy is now sober, working full time, has his own truck and apartment. “I’ve been given a second chance. I’m not going to mess this up,” he stated. “God changed me. He can change anybody.

Help others like Jeremy create new beginnings and overcome addiction.