Jackie’s Story ― A New Outlook on Life

The cops broke open the door to the home of a nineteen-year-old girl named Jackie who shared the place with her boyfriend and their baby son. Jackie’s son was only eight months old when his father was arrested for murder. Jackie had stayed in the relationship because she was afraid he would kill her. Her boyfriend also used the manipulation tactic of saying he would kill himself if she left. After Jackie’s boyfriend was arrested, she gathered up her belongings and her son and left.

Jackie’s mom allowed her and her son to live with her, but months later Jackie moved out of her mom’s house. Her baby stayed with his grandmother. Jackie started waitressing at a strip club with one of her friends because the money was excellent. She was able to pay all her bills and have a lot of extra money. A guy at the club befriended her, and Jackie soon moved in with him. Sadly, her new boyfriend wound up being a pimp. He became very abusive and started making Jackie work for him. One of her clients convinced Jackie that he loved her and got her to go away with him. One of the promises he made was that he “wasn’t like that,” referring to the other guy. This man lied and became more abusive than the first pimp. The man wouldn’t let Jackie out of his sight. Most of the time they lived in her car while she did tricks to feed his drug addiction. One night he nearly broke her neck when she tried to get away. “I hated that lifestyle,” said Jackie.

As she walked the streets of Dallas, she spoke with another prostitute. The girl told her that her “Madame” would help Jackie get away from the abusive guy. She got in the car with the lady pimp, but she soon felt nervous because she was forced to change clothes in the car, and the madame threw Jackie’s old clothes out the window. Late one night Jackie was able to sneak her phone out and call her mom. Jackie’s mom drove through the night and rescued her out of that awful situation.

A twenty-one-day program in Fort Worth that helped girls like Jackie work through their traumatic experiences is where she befriended a girl who told her about Faith Refuge. The Fort Worth program offered placement in several restoration homes, but Jackie could not be with her son, who had been living with his grandmother. Jackie came to Faith Refuge and joined the Career Academy. “It has given me a new outlook on everything,” shared Jackie. “I’ve been healing a lot from the classes.”

Getting my son back was my Amazing Grace moment,” said Jackie. “It was very unexpected.” During the Career Academy, Jackie’s mom allowed her to take her son with her to live in Faith Refuge’s family unit. She believed Jackie’s son needed to know how much his mother loves him, and they needed to start rebuilding their bond.

Jackie graduated with her GED on November 7, 2018. She has been accepted into a cosmetology program and is on her way to be in a career she loves and brings glory to God. Please pray Jackie continues to seek God and is able to provide a good life for her son through a job that brings her great joy.

Help others like Jackie get back on their feet and start over in life.