Chad’s Story

Chad is the son of a police officer and military veteran.  He has one son from a previous marriage.  Chad hurt his back while working for a roofing contractor.  Because of the pain from the injury, he was unable to work and looked for relief from alcohol and drugs.

Hungry and out of work, he drove by Faith Mission and decided to stop.  The first person that he met when he entered the building was Pete Corrales (see story).  Pete asked him what he was doing and where he was going.  Chad broke down and poured out his heart.  Pete told Chad that he had someone he wanted him to meet … it was Jesus.

Chad hung out at Faith Mission for the next couple of weeks, eating and visiting with Pete.  Over time Chad felt like he could trust Pete.  He said, “Whenever he would give me advice, it would always be verses from the Bible.”

Chad left Faith Mission long enough to have back surgery.  When he reentered the program, it was Bob Johnston (Men’s Program Director) who showed him what it was like to have a relationship with God.  Something Bob said struck a chord and got Chad’s attention, “You will never change until the pain of staying the same is worse than the pain of change”.  He realized that being “transformed by the renewing of his mind …” (Romans 12:2) was the key to a changed life.

Recently Chad graduated from the addiction recovery program “New Beginnings” at Faith Mission.  Currently he is in the job training program “Faith Enterprises” and is working at Faith Resale and Donation Center.

“Life may not always be what you expect, but God will provide all your needs and letting God be in control of your life means helping others.  You know, God is love, God is kindness, He’s good, He’s merciful, and this is what it means to me for God to be in control.  God cares for everybody, … yes, there will be trouble that comes in life.  But I can know that God will bring me through as I trust and rely on Him to the point that it produces obedience.”

Help others like Chad who are struggling with addiction.