Armando’s Rock Bottom

​“Eventually the addiction would come back to haunt me,” Armando says as he describes the vicious cycle of his methamphetamine addiction.

During his teenage years he started dabbling in drugs and regularly consumed alcohol. It wasn’t until his later years in high school that he started to use meth. From the first time he used meth, he quickly became addicted to it. “It was very powerful. It took the place of the other drugs I was using.”

In his 20s and 30s, he went from having a nice job and home to unemployment and evictions. Armando, his wife, and daughter would move in with his mother until he could get back on his feet. He’d always reach a place of complacency, but his addiction would return to haunt him and bring him back to the point where his addiction caused him to neglect his responsibilities.

This cycle led to him burning all his bridges by his late 30s. No one wanted him around and he was unable to find employment. Left with limited choices, Armando and his family packed up and moved to Wichita Falls in 2009 to temporarily live with his sister-in-law. She agreed to help them get back on their feet as long as he found a job and kept his sobriety.

Armando managed to get two jobs and an apartment for his family. He kept the jobs for nearly two years and was sober most of the time, but the complacency came back. “Being an addict leads you to be drawn to people who can help you get drugs. That’s what happened when I came here. It started out as a weekend thing, but before I knew it, I was doing it every day.

Eventually, his wife wanted a better life for herself and the children. They divorced and Armando’s been living on his own since 2013.

For several years he drifted from place to place. Armando was a client at Faith Mission twice before entering the New Beginnings for men program. One morning he was listening to Bob, Men’s Program Director, preach in the chapel. Even though he found the program to be intimidating and heard it was difficult, something prompted him to speak with Bob later that day.

Armando walked into Bob’s office and 30 minutes later he came out with a Steppin’ Up t-shirt. This shirt signifies that someone is in the probationary period of the New Beginnings program.

Armando describes the program as the best thing that ever happened to him. “I needed the structure and the daily Bible studies. I hadn’t been able to say I’ve been completely sober for over a year, since I was in my 20s. The program gave me the tools to stay sober.

With a clear mind and sobriety, he is able to support his youngest daughter more and be a more involved father. Now he’s looking forward to the rest of his life.

Since joining the program, he surrounds himself with like-minded Christians who hold him accountable and encourage him to stay sober. “I’ve never had friends that could have a good time without doing drugs,” he describes his new community. He’s also repaired all of his damaged relationships due to his addiction. He gives all the glory to God.

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