WF Faith Refuge buying transition home for women

WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) – Wichita Falls Faith Refuge received a matching grant to buy a transitional home for its women.

The way the transitional home program works is at least six people will live in a home together as they adjust to life outside the shelter. The residents are taught how to pay rent, bills, open a bank account and save their money. It is all to help them become self-sufficient.

There is a living-manager who monitors and helps the transitional home residents.

Every three months, the residents meet with non-profit’s directors to see if they are ready to move out.

“We ask them to set certain goals for themselves saving certain amounts of money, making sure they are happy in their job,” Steve Sparks Wichita Falls Faith Mission CEO said. “If they still want to find a better job, they can stay here till they do that.”

They have one year to complete the program.