Help donate for playground project at Wichita Falls Faith Mission

Wichita Falls Faith Mission received a $5,000 grant from Superior HealthPlan to upgrade its playground at the Faith Mission shelter location.

From 2017 to 2018, Wichita Falls Faith Mission increased the number of children served by 132 percent. With the influx of families staying at the Faith Mission shelter, the need for a safer outdoor play space is a necessity. The current playground was structured in 1988. The upgrade to the playground will add rubber tiles underneath the equipment. This creates a safer and more kid-friendly outdoor play area.

There’s sand underneath the structure while weeds and stickers have been growing through the sand, making it a hazard for children to play in that area. Funds received from Super HealthPlan will go towards materials and installation costs.

With an updated playground, Wichita Falls Faith Mission will be able to provide a safer play space for families that stay at the shelter.