Ten Ways to Address Homelessness: In-Kind Donations

 Steve Sparks | May. 10, 2018 |  0

Donate food, clothing, household items, hygiene kits and other things to a homeless shelter or a resale store that supports a homelesss shelter.

I want to take time to recap my blog series “Ten Ways to Address Homelessness” with 60 tips or action steps of practical ways to make it happen! 1) Don’t Give Up on Hope, 2) Meet Their Physical Needs, 3) Listen to Their Stories, 4) Share the Gospel, 5) Pray for the Homeless, and 6) Pray for the Homeless Shelters. My hope in this series is that you understand homelessness more and you are encouraged in your walk with Christ.

The next topic in our series is: Donate food, clothing, household items, hygiene kits and other things to a homeless shelter or a resale store that supports a homeless shelter. Before I give you practical ways to carry out the next step in helping the homeless, I want to share with you a story.

From a young age, J.B. learned to work hard. As he grew into an adult, he started his own business and multiplied it a hundred-fold. He then sold the company and started another business, which also became hugely successful. During the ownership of his second business, he was married to a lovely school teacher. Like many couples, they desired to start a family of their own.  J.B. and his wife soon found out they had infertility issues, so they began IVF procedures. They spent tens of thousands of dollars resulting in multiple miscarriages. The heartbroken couple decided that it was not good or healthy for them to continue trying to get pregnant.

J.B. and his wife soon started living separate lives as a way to deal with their grief. He drowned himself in work while his wife turned to scrapbooking, spending more time at school, attending church Bible studies, and outings with friends. Alcohol became a numbing factor and solace for J.B.  Since 2008, he has struggled on-and-off with alcoholism. J.B. said, “You can make all the money in the world, and it won’t make you happy.”

Numerous rehab programs are much more comfortable and easier than the New Beginnings Recovery program at Faith Mission, but J.B. feels like this is home. Part of the program is work therapy. All the programmers are required to work different assignments at the shelter and at the resale store. J.B. spends most of his time in the kitchen. “I get great satisfaction serving the guys in the kitchen. I love to serve. I’ve also gotten close to the volunteers,” shared J.B.

J.B. never thought “this” would happen to him. Life throws us curves, so one thing Wichita Falls Faith Mission strives to do is help people learn to adjust and lean on God to be their comfort and joy. When asked how people could pray for him, he stated, “Please pray I stay sober. I also want prayer for me to find God’s purpose for my life. It just hurts being lost.”

Practical Steps to Help the Homeless

  1. Many homeless shelters fund a good portion of their ministries through sales at their thrift stores. You can donate and shop at our store, Faith Resale and Donation Center, located at 4502 Old Jacksboro Hwy, Wichita Falls.
  2. Many people who end up at a homeless shelter often need the basics for setting up a house when they leave, such as blankets, bed sheets, pots and pans, silverware, couches, beds, and furniture.
  3. Host a food drive. Every food item donated allows more funds to go into recovery programs, job training programs, counseling, and much more!
  4. Put together hygiene kits which include shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, razor, deodorant, and a bottle of water.
  5. Local shelters give the following items to clients and struggling community members: clothing, gloves, coats, shoes, pots, pans, drinking glasses, eating and cooking utensils, furniture, towels, sheets, blankets, strollers, baby beds, backpacks, school supplies, toiletry items, and Christmas presents.
  6. Ask your local homeless shelter about wish lists they might have set up on sites like Amazon. Wichita Falls Faith Mission wish list is at the following link, http://a.co/0QexWWt.

Wichita Falls Faith Mission gives thousands of items to the homeless and those in need in our community.  We also partner with First Step, Wichita Falls Housing Authority and Interfaith Outreach Services to give vouchers to their clients.

Due to Storage Limitations

We are incredibly thankful for community members donating items throughout the year, so we can help those who enter our doors. Due to storage limitations, we are unable to keep things indefinitely. Both shelter locations, Faith Refuge and Faith Mission, have rooms where clients can obtain items with vouchers issued to them by our organization. In some cases, vouchers are also issued to our resale store, Faith Resale and Donation Center.

faith resale and donation center

Faith Resale and Donation Center is a vital part of helping fund our organization. All the profits from sales go right back into our programs and services.  Because of the generosity of our community, we are able to offer all our services free-of-charge.  $1.76 provides a meal for a person in need at our homeless shelters, Faith Refuge and Faith Mission. $7.94 provides one night of safe shelter. When you donate items to Faith Resale or buy items from Faith Resale, you help provide a warm meal and a safe place to stay for the numerous people we help each year.  And most importantly, you help us provide opportunities for men. women and children to start new, restored lives.

As we say around here at Wichita Falls Faith Mission, “Every Story Matters.”  Your support in any way makes it possible for the people we serve to write new chapters of hope and success.


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