Ten Ways to Address Homelessness: Financial Giving

 Steve Sparks | Jun. 14, 2018 |  0

This week, my blog series “Ten Ways to Address Homelessness With 60 Tips, Action Steps and Practical Ways to Make it Happen!” addresses donating money to homeless shelters.

Let me just preface this article with this statement.  When it comes to the stewardship of money, I believe that God will direct a person in the way He wants them to give.  It is my job to simply let you know of the need and then ask you to to pray about whether God wants you to help.  So, the best way I know to present the need is with stories, like those of Randi and Lisa.


“It’s hard to believe in something you cannot see,” Randi matter-of-factly said. She did not mean believing in God, rather she could not imagine herself being successful.

Randi and her two boys spent months at Faith Refuge learning that they do have value and worth. This little family found hope and a new beginning at a homeless shelter. Randi still visits Faith Refuge’s family case manager when anxiety overwhelms her but quickly remembers faith in God and herself will see her through the toughest times in life. Randi is working, has a place to call home, a vehicle, and the wisdom to take one day at a time.


When Lisa came to Faith Refuge she was convinced of one thing, “I’m not good enough.” This lie is believed by many of the women who enter our homeless shelter. Praise be to the Lord, Lisa no longer believes this lie and has now graduated from the New Beginnings Drug & Alcohol Recovery Program. She also received new teeth because of generous donations to Wichita Falls Faith Mission. Dental issues are one of the primary reasons that women are not hired for various jobs.  In Lisa’s case, it became one less obstacle for her to navigate toward self-sufficiency.

Wichita Falls Faith Mission’s homeless shelters operate on God’s favor. We do not receive any government funding. When people give financially to us, they join us in us writing new stories of victory and success for those who desperately need our help. Small and large amounts do make a difference. 

  1. $1.76 provides a meal for a person in need at our homeless shelters.
  2. $7.94 provides one night of safe shelter.
  3. $96.59 covers the cost of one person working with a case manager. These clients receive assistance with job searches, housing, insurance, and a much more.
  4. $1,765.00 funds one student to attend the 12 Week Faith Refuge Career Academy, a job readiness program for women.
  5. $3,454.00 pays for the cost of one person to complete Faith Enterprises, a     6-month job readiness program for men.
  6. $5,230.00 underwrites the cost of one client to complete the 8-month New Beginnings Drug & Alcohol Recovery Program.

 Financial contributions don’t end there! Here are more ways your gift helps.

  • Driver’s license or identification card
  • Job training
  • GED classes
  • Assistance with job applications and resumes
  • Assistance with completing housing applications
  • Deposits on an apartment or house
  • Funds the purchase of things like prescription medications, eye glasses, and doctor’s visits
  • Covers the costs of a free medical clinic at Faith Mission where nurses and doctors volunteer their time to see patients for free
  • Counseling
  • Three meals a day. Approximately 100,000 meals annually
  • Bus passes so clients can attend doctor appointments, job interviews, and jobs

As you can see, there are many Christ-centered programs and services being provided free of charge at the shelters of Wichita Falls Faith Mission.  If you have given to make all this happen, “Thank You.”  If not, please pray about it and follow God’s leading.  He may even lead you to give to some other ministry.  The important thing is that we respond and remember Jesus’ words, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”


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