Dillon’s Story ― Mercy Wins

“I’m going to do something stupid if I don’t get into this program,” said 23-year-old Dillon. Broken and wanting to die, Dillon spoke with a case manager at Wichita Falls Faith Mission about how he could receive help through the drug recovery program.

Dillon’s story starts in Des Moines, Iowa. At the age of 14, marijuana became Dillon’s escape from reality.  He soon experimented with other drugs. At age 20, he started dating a girl, whom he dated for three years. The young lady became pregnant towards the end of 2017. Knowing she could not stay away from drugs if she lived in Des Moines, she moved to Arizona to live with her grandparents. Soon after she left, her family in Arizona said he could sleep on their couch if he wanted to move there. Because he did not have a way to get there, he stole a car from a co-worker.

Wichita Falls is where Dillon ran out of gas money. He parked the stolen car and started wandering around the town. He reached out to his aunt in Iowa who got online and found Faith Mission. Dillon went straight to the mission and spoke with people on how to get help. Riddled with guilt, he called the man who he stole a car from in Iowa. The co-worker recruited a friend to drive him down to Texas and then paid to get the car out of impound. Mercy filled this man’s heart. The former co-worker told Dillon that if he would join the program at Faith Mission and complete it, he would drop the charges for the stolen vehicle. Dillon entered the New Beginnings Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program.

In June 2018, Dillon graduated from the recovery program. His hope is to one day “pay back every penny I owe my former co-worker, look him in the eyes, and shake his hand.”

Update on May 31, 2019: Dillon is the first programmer to leave Faith Mission’s transitional house. Following the completion of his programs, he moved into the transitional house as another step to self-sufficiency. He now has a full-time job, his own apartment and transportation. 

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