Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers

The Rodgers Family

“It really surprised us when our special needs child gained self-confidence here [Faith Mission],” stated Stephanie. “The staff, programmers, and clients helped my son. He would walk down the hall and the men would give him fist bumps, and my son created many nicknames for the different people.”
Stephanie and Lloyd Rodgers - Volunteering

Stephanie, Lloyd, and their sons came to Wichita Falls Faith Mission during winter 2018. Their homelessness resulted from a poor job choice and medical problems. Fortunately, the family only needed to stay less than two months. Faith Mission is glad to be a safety net to the many families whose homelessness comes swiftly upon them.

Most of the families who stay at the mission do not get involved with the cooking, but Stephanie and Lloyd put their cooking skills to good use. Blueberry cobbler made by Stephanie became a big hit with the clients and programmers.

Before Stephanie and Lloyd moved out, the married couple signed up as volunteers to cook and serve the homeless. When asked why they felt led to volunteer, Lloyd responded, “We don’t have the monetary ways to pay back the mission, so giving time is how we can help.” Stephanie added, “God was leading us to help.” Stephanie further shared how Lloyd has always been a great cook but was always afraid of rejection. Lloyd overcame his fear of rejection and now brings joy to others through his cooking. Wichita Falls Faith Mission’s staff is encouraged by how this family is giving back and inspiring hope to the homeless while they serve.

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