Roxe Ann ― A Transformation From the Inside Out

God is not a god of coincidences.  In the book of Esther, we see how God uses what people call coincidences ― like the sleepless night of a king or Mordecai overhearing a plot to assassinate the king or that the king unknowingly married a Jew ― as ways to bring about His divine purposes.

Roxe Ann’s daughter rarely visited her because of work obligations, but she was in Wichita Falls for a work training in January 2017. Roxe Ann’s daughter and niece were on their way to eat out, but because one of them had locked the keys in the car, the three women were therefore sitting in the living room talking and laughing when Roxe Ann stopped breathing and fell to the ground. Roxe Ann’s daughter and niece kept her alive by performing CPR for six minutes until the paramedics made it to her apartment.

“You think that would have been a wake-up call for me, but it wasn’t,” said Roxe Ann. She continued to feed her twenty-year opioid addiction. On June 30, 2017, her oldest daughter died, pushing Roxe Ann further into depression and drug addiction. After years of drug abuse and stealing to pay for her habit, Roxe Ann shared, “My whole family was done with me. I was done with me. I prayed every night to die.”

“God, you’re going to have to take this. I can’t do this anymore,” cried Roxe Ann on New Year’s Eve 2018. Years of trying to overcome her addiction and depression left Roxe Ann hopeless. She wished her life was over so her children, grandchildren, and family would not have to put up with her. On a 34 degree night in January 2018, Roxe Ann fell asleep on a convenience store sidewalk. Someone called the police to let them know a lady was passed out on the sidewalk of a 7-11. The cops arrested Roxe Ann because of warrants due to traffic tickets. She had to remain in jail for 28 days because of the prescription pills in her pocket. Roxe Ann’s family did not bond her out, stating they thought it best for her to stay in jail. For the second time that month, she sent a prayer to heaven, “God, if you’re still there and if you still care at all for me, please show me a little miracle.”

The miracle came by way of a homeless shelter, Faith Refuge. After being released from prison, Roxe Ann found her way to Faith Refuge and went through the process of joining the New Beginnings Addiction Recovery Program. “The staff gave me so much hope,” said Roxe Ann. “At first, I joined the program for my kids. I ended up doing this also for myself and God. The program at Faith Refuge saved my life and taught me how to be human again.  Every single day I see God’s Amazing Grace I should be dead,” said Roxe Ann. In the book of Esther, the Jews thought all hope was lost; however, God proved His Sovereignty by orchestrating events to bring about His good purposes. Roxe Ann made some bad choices, but God’s great love is seen through her life.

Looking at Roxe Ann’s mug shot, one can see the life left in her was empty and void. Now, Roxe Ann lights up a room when she enters it. If you’re down, she is the one who will make you laugh. Her spirit is a testimony of God’s Amazing Grace.

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