Rose’s Story ― It’s How You Let Your Story End That Matters

“It’s how you let your story end that matters,” stated Rose. Rose has come a long way since she was evicted from her apartment in November 2017. “I felt like my family abandoned me. Now, I thank God they didn’t open their doors to me,” shared Rose. Rose continued to tell how her sister cried when she told Rose she wouldn’t help her anymore. Not knowing where to turn, Rose remembered a friend who had stayed at Faith Refuge, so she took her three daughters and herself to check in at the homeless shelter.

“Seeing my mom get back on her feet again was the best thing that happened to me at Faith Refuge.”

Describing what her first impressions were of Faith Refuge, she said, “They cared about what I was going through. They didn’t judge me. They treated me like I was family.” Yolanda, the family case manager, spent a significant amount of time talking with Rose and her girls. Rose tells how the staff helped her apply for jobs, get housing, and make sure they had clothes. There was also a family who took Rose and her girls shopping for Christmas. In their own words, “It was the best Christmas we ever had.”

While at Faith Refuge, Rose realized her family showed her tough love by not taking her in when she and her children no longer had a place to live. It took her a little while to see how it had become natural for her to keep doing what she was doing, which was continually contacting them to bail her out of her problems. They needed Rose to grow up and become responsible for herself and her children. Rose now has an apartment she pays for and a job she has nearly had for a year.

Rose’s oldest daughter used the word “trapped” when talking about how her family felt before they arrived at Faith Refuge. “Seeing my mom get back on her feet again was the best thing that happened to me at Faith Refuge,” stated Rose’s middle daughter. They talked about how helpful it is to live in a place where other people have similar stories to their story. Stories are shared all the time at Faith Refuge and Faith Mission so others can be encouraged not to give up hope.

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