Robert’s Story ― Lifting up others

Robert grew up in foster homes from the ages of four to seven before he was adopted by a family in Oklahoma. Things went well until he turned 11 years old when his adoptive mother had a heart attack. While his mother was in the hospital, his father sent him to stay with an aunt and uncle. His mom passed away not too long after her heart attack. Robert remembers crying really hard when he found out the news.

After the funeral, Robert started living with his father again, but things were never the same. His dad started drinking heavily on a regular basis. Still, Robert lived a fairly normal life. He played all the sports during high school and was surrounded by caring people. “I was very sheltered. My dad made sure I was with good people,” stated Robert.

Always wondering about his biological parents, Robert sought to find them when he was a young adult. “That was an experience. I spoke to a counselor before I reunited with them,” said Robert. When he met his mom, she was in bad health and a heroin addict. His biological father was living in a Frito Lay van.

Robert has worked for the majority of his adult life. In 2014, Robert started having issues with his leg. Eventually, he couldn’t stand on his left leg. It took a long time to find out what was wrong. The doctors finally discovered Robert had no blood supply to his left leg, which caused the bone to die. Having no job and being depleted financially from a previous divorce, Robert said, “I was tired. I didn’t know where to turn.” Robert found a place to stay at Faith Mission. He lived at the shelter before and after his surgery.

“When I came to Faith Mission, I was really depressed. Now, I thank God for this place,” shared Robert. While Robert lived at Faith Mission, he encouraged others. “I try to give them hope,” said Robert. Sometimes the staff at Faith Refuge and Faith Mission see God’s Amazing Grace through a homeless person lifting up other homeless people and reminding them not to give up on life.

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