Mike’s Story ― Hopeful for a Better Life

When asked what your biggest heartbreak in life has been, Michael, a 64-year-old homeless man said, “Not having a life.” At the age of 12 he told his dad, “If you beat me one more time, I’m calling the police.” Michael’s father beat him again. His mother finally moved him and her other children away from her abusive husband. Michael knows he made choices that caused him to be in the position he is in, but he does wish other things had happened in his life.

“Having a place to live, and the Lord in my life more than what He is right now is my dream. If it weren’t for my Father in Heaven, I wouldn’t be where I am right now,” Michael shared. He talked about how a few years ago he had to make a choice to love people in God’s way or hate people. He is choosing to love. His outward situation of being homeless has not changed, but his inward ‘house’ is at peace a lot more. Michael is hopeful he will have a good life soon.

The conversation shifted to what was the hardest part about being homeless. Michael said it was when he first became homeless and wondered if he could find a place to eat. Someone told him about Faith Mission, but he was scared to come here because he didn’t know what the staff people would be like. In 2009, another homeless person walked with him into the building. “The staff means everything to me. It’s an enjoyment to me to see them. It makes me feel good when they call me by name and ask how I am.”

Please pray that Michael and others like him see and know God’s Amazing Grace.

Help others like Mike find hope and give a gift today!