Marshal D.

The last place I would think I’d find peace is at a homeless shelter,” shared Marshal. Marshal grew up in an affluent family, yet peace of heart seemed to elude him. At the age of eleven, he had his first suicidal thought. Thankfully, Marshal never followed that train of thought too long; however, he did seek comfort in gambling, alcohol, drugs and dysfunctional relationships. Marshal’s mother asked him for years to become part of the New Beginnings Program, a drug and alcohol recovery program at Faith Mission. He remembers how humbling it was to need help from a homeless shelter, yet, out of desperation, he sought the help of Wichita Falls Faith Mission in September 2014.

Marshal completed the New Beginnings program in July 2015. He has messed up a few times since graduating, but he quickly gets back on the right path. When asked about lessons he learned while at Faith Mission, Marshal talked about how he surprisingly found joy in serving others. Marshal also expressed how he is grateful for the way his relationship with God developed to new depths while at Wichita Falls Faith Mission. Marshal now speaks to others of how he was “Restored!” at a homeless shelter.

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