Lindsey’s Story ― God’s Love and Her Search for Him

Being a victim of sexual abuse affected Lindsey’s mind and perception, causing her to believe the only way to get love and attention was through her body. She became pregnant at the age of 16.  Lindsey eventually married the father of her unborn child and had four sons. The thought of keeping her family together kept her in an abusive marriage, until one night, Lindsey came home from an overnight shift to find her son with his eye bruised and swollen shut. She took her boys and left her husband.

Lindsey had good intentions, but bad decisions led her to leave her sons with her ex-husband’s sister so she could be with a man that she thought cared for her. Sadly, Lindsey was forced into prostitution. One night, a man in a state of drunkenness told her, “God does not want you to do this. God loves you.” She took all the money she had saved and left during the night on a bus to Wichita Falls, where she would wind up at Faith Refuge.

They were feeding me Jesus,” Lindsey described. One day in Bible study, she was called upon to read from one of the books of John. Not knowing there were multiple books of John, she read the Gospel of John and felt embarrassed. Following the class, she immediately went to the locker room and turned to Matthew and started reading. As she began reading the Bible, she was overwhelmed with many emotions and cried out to God. It was then she felt the overwhelming forgiveness of God and the shame wash away from her soul. This was her Amazing Grace Moment.

Soon Lindsey joined Faith Refuge Career Academy and, through hard work and discipline, graduated from the program. With the guidance of the Academy’s former director, Lisa Wester, Lindsey was able to gain back custody of her sons. Lindsey and her four boys now live in their own home, and she is currently working as a manager. She is involved at First Pentecostal Church of God working as the Youth Pastor and started college in the fall of 2018. While she’s not exactly sure where she’ll be in the future, Lindsey knows she will be helping others like herself. Her advice to anyone in an abusive relationship is “It only takes one step to end the cycle of abuse and stop being on the wrong path. It’s the hardest step, but each step after that gets easier and more rewarding.”

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