Linda’s Story

After Hurricane Katrina, Linda first became acquainted with Wichita Falls. Ten years later, while living in New Orleans, she called the phone directory to locate a shelter in Wichita Falls to get away from a domestic abuse situation. The operator told her about Faith Refuge. Linda called our women and children’s shelter and found out she was welcome to stay in Faith Refuge. Linda rode a greyhound for 20 hours and then took a city bus to the shelter location.

The process of helping the homeless get back on their feet is sometimes long. Often, these individuals do not even possess an ID. A case manager must follow a checklist of items to help their clients. Case managers also work with a variety of different organizations to obtain the needs of the clients.

After three months, Linda obtained all her paperwork and ID cards. She started a job at United Regional and now has money for a deposit on an apartment. When she moves out of Faith Refuge, she will be able to pay for her apartment and be self-sufficient.

Linda speaks fondly of the staff and volunteers of Faith Refuge. She loves chapel and the volunteers who teach Bible studies to the clients. Linda accepted Christ while at Faith Refuge and was baptized at the church she attends every Sunday. “Faith Refuge is a beautiful place to be. I found peace here,” shared Linda.

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