“I made a complete fool of myself,” shares Kyonda of the time in her life right before she came to Faith Refuge. Kyonda is a beautiful young lady who set out to help her mom and little brother but lost her way. Several years back Kyonda was attending college and making strides to follow her passion of helping the mentally disabled and elderly. Unfortunately, her roommate introduced her to drugs, which set Kyonda on a course of self-destruction.

Overwhelmed by drugs, Kyonda said she started “wandering around and running from God. I felt like I completely lost myself. I turned into a completely different person.” When her mom and younger brother moved to Wichita Falls, it stirred an awakening in her heart and mind. She desired a new beginning, so she joined the New Beginnings Recovery Program at Faith Refuge.

Kyonda chose Faith Refuge because it is a safe place and they include God in their programs. For the first time in a long time, Kyonda said, “I feel like I’m a new creation in God. He’s renewed my mind. I was on a course of self-destruction, but all is forgiven.” Kyonda has high hopes for her future. Her dream is to one day lead a nonprofit that focuses on helping the elderly, mentally disabled, and drug addict find the resources they need to get help. This desire springs from people dear to her heart who have not known what resources are available. One of the basic needs she spoke about is the elderly getting transportation to buy groceries.

When asked what advice she would give to young ladies in her situation, Kyonda stated:

  1. Know that God has good plans for you.
  2. Stay focused on the plans God has for you.
  3. Always be hopeful.

If you would like to pray for Kyonda, she asked you pray that “Whatever God’s will is for me that it happens. Please pray for my family, especially my brother.”

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