Joy’s Story ― God’s Amazing Grace

The stuff I had seen and done was cold-blooded,” said Joy. Listening to her voice full of laughter and watching her eyes dancing with hope, one found it hard to take Joy seriously when she said those words. Joy made many choices that caused her to sleep on the streets. Joy liked to party and have fun, but it cost her a lot in return. She was abusing drugs so much that the left side of her body was swollen. Shooting drugs into her body wasn’t the worst of her immoral choices. “I wasn’t going to quit. I didn’t have it in me to keep trying,” stated Joy.

“I had no heart and no soul,” said Joy. As strange as this sounds, God showed His Amazing Grace by allowing Joy to be caught with drugs. “God saved my life by sending me to jail,” said Joy.  After Joy was released from prison, she went to a mental health institute where they determined she was a danger and threat to society and herself. Joy needed a place to go to and get help with her addictions. At the last minute, Joy was denied entrance into a facility that had been approved by her probation officer. In another act of God’s Amazing Grace, Faith Refuge is where her caseworkers dropped her off to start her recovery program.

At first, Joy was not the easiest person to get along with. She pushed the staff’s buttons in any way she could. Joy would shirk her responsibilities, disregard people, and tried to sleep through her GED classes in the mornings. Many people wondered if she would make it through the program. Gradually, Joy’s heart and soul were being restored by God’s love. She began seeing God’s Amazing Grace for her. As Joy recounts her story, she talks about numerous blessings that happened in her life since arriving at Faith Refuge. The first blessing was the Ziplock bag the receptionist gave her with all the hygiene essentials and a brand new pair of panties. The second blessing was her probation officer approving Faith Refuge as a place where she could live. The “showers of blessings” never stopped while Joy was at Faith Refuge. She graduated with her GED*, the staff helped her get an apartment, ladies from the community filled her new place with the nicest things she has ever owned, and best of all ― Joy now has custody of her children.

Listen to Joy sing about God’s Amazing Grace:

*Joy is the first and only New Beginnings for Women participant for obtain her GED while in the program.



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