Jose’s Story of Mercy

Three years before Jose came to Faith Mission he became a Christian. He was on fire for the Lord, but then his father was diagnosed with cancer. “I thought since I was aligned with God, and living righteously, that He would do this one favor for me and heal my dad. He didn’t,” said Jose. “I turned away from God. I went back into drugs and alcohol. I didn’t care about my life. I was selfish.”

Jose Piedad Sanchez’s middle name has a significant meaning in the Spanish language ― it means mercy. The Spanish meaning of Piedad is exemplified in his life. Four people showed compassion for Jose when it was in their power to punish him for his wrongs. To keep supporting his prescription drug addiction, Jose stole from his best friend, his church, and a co-worker all within the course of a month.

When his best friend realized Jose stole his things and was selling the items for money, he went to locate him. Jose describes the scene when the man found him. “I deserved to be beaten up. Instead, he placed his hands on my shoulders and said, ‘I don’t care about the money. Just go get help.’” His pastor and co-worker uttered the same words about getting help. All of them could have filed charges against Jose. The last person who showed Jose mercy is his wife. She gave him the option of getting his life right, or she would divorce him and leave with their three-year-old daughter. Jose chose to come to Faith Mission to receive help for his alcohol and drug addiction. MERCY WON!

“Ultimately, love conquers everything. You can’t let yourself be a victim,” Jose stated. “You can’t sit in it and dwell in it [the awful wrongs people do to you].” Sexual abuse at the hands of a trusted neighbor happened to Jose when he was a child. He also experienced physical abuse from his dad, but his father asked for forgiveness of Jose and Jose’s sisters before he passed away.

Jose’s freedom from memories, hurts, drugs, and alcohol comes through freedom in Christ. Jose is learning to stand strong in God when tragedies come. Through being at Faith Mission Jose said he learned, “More than anything I needed Jesus. Place your hope in God. He is Sovereign. He has a plan for your life.

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