Joe C.

Meet Joe C. Joe grew up in Wichita Falls, and as of 2002, he has no immediate family members. “Life has been hard on me,” shared Joe. He turned 56 in December (2017) but has no bitterness toward men or God for the hard life he has lived. In fact, Joe is one of the most helpful and pleasant clients at Wichita Falls Faith Mission’s downtown location. Joe said, “The Lord is good to everyone.”
A car accident busted Joe’s head open when he was six years old. His heart stopped beating on the surgery table, but the surgeons revived him. The head injury caused Joe to experience seizures to this day. Joe said, “Every time I come back out of a seizure, that’s a blessing.”
When Joe was a young man he worked at various places. Unfortunately, his seizures often led to his dismissal from those jobs. Joe became involved in drugs and eventually served two terms in State Prison. After his first release from prison, Joe went to his home that he had lived in since childhood. He turned on the street of where his house was located and could not find his home. Joe stated, “It was a weird sight. It was like I had never seen the place before. It felt like I was on the wrong street.”
Sadly, Joe fell behind on the taxes on his home while he was in prison. Unbeknownst to him, it had become a trap house while he was in prison and it had fallen into considerable disrepair. The city took the house over and bulldozed it. Joe had not been informed of the planned destruction of his home while in prison. He lost all of his childhood memories, family pictures and keepsakes. “Drugs do spoil things,” said Joe.
Joe came to Faith Mission again during the 2016 holiday season. “Faith Mission has done a lot for me,” declared Joe. Currently, a case manager is working with Joe to help him gain housing and become self-sufficient. If you visit our downtown location during our 2017 holiday season, you can often see Joe in the chapel listening to the messages delivered by the different churches who serve at Wichita Falls Faith Mission.

Below is the prayer Joe prays every night.

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