John’s Story ― Earning His Family’s Trust

When asked what advice he would give to younger guys who might be contemplating drug usage or already using drugs, John said, “I’d tell them to play the tape forward. Look at all the consequences drug usage will bring you.” John’s consequences included: divorce from his childhood sweetheart, another man raising his son, loss of jobs, loss of housing, loss of trust from his family, permanent health damage, and broken relationships. What started out as the “Weekend Warriors” group of friends using meth led to a weekday habit and then a twenty-five year drug addiction. John was 27 when he started abusing drugs. The reasons he began taking meth were peer pressure and the need to stay awake so he could work longer hours.

The prolonged drug abuse caused John to have two strokes in 2013. He couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk, and lost 90% of his vision. At the age of 45 John became wheelchair bound and was placed in a nursing home. The doctor said he would never get out of the wheelchair. The lowest point in John’s life occurred as he was scooting himself along in his wheelchair in a depressing nursing home filled with people almost twice his age. He decided then and there he would not accept that sentence for the rest of his life. He got up, positioned himself behind his wheelchair, and began the process of rebuilding his strength.

John succeeded in leaving the nursing home, but he still had not defeated his drug habit. In April 2018, he came to Faith Mission because he didn’t have anywhere else to go. He joined the New Beginnings Addiction Recovery Program. “God’s Amazing Grace put me here,” said John. The Bible studies and daily mentoring helped transform John’s mind. John shared that he doesn’t want to throw away what he has learned at Faith Mission because of “my one-year-old grandson, my son, mom, and family. I’m gaining back the trust of my family. I don’t want to lose that again. I’ve let them down too many times.”

“Jesus in my life makes it a lot easier to say ‘no’ to drugs,” said John.

Please pray for John to continue to regain the trust of his family.

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