Joe C., Pt. 2

We’re celebrating 60 Years of reaching the homeless for Christ! It’s fun to read the stories of people who came before us, and it is exciting to think about those who will be reaching the homeless for Christ in the next 60 years. This month we have a celebration story. Many people read the story about Joseph Cotton in our November 2017 mail out. Now here’s the rest of the story . . .

With the help of you, Joe was able to move into his own home!

Move in day for Joe!

After being homeless for over a year and waiting for an apartment to become available for him in the housing authority, Joseph moved into his own place this winter. It takes a lot of work from the staff of Wichita Falls Faith Mission and community organizations to help someone get back on their feet. The morning of the move brought many of our staff members together in one location. Here is how different staff members helped Joseph:

  • Joseph’s case manager, Wesley, helped get all the paperwork lined up, assisted with many other things and provided financial counseling to help Joseph manage the small amount of money he makes every month. During the process, Wesley gave bus tickets through the Mission for Joseph to make Housing Authority appointments. He was also given vouchers for some household essentials (plates, frying pan, pots, towels, etc.).
  • Faith Resale and Donation Center’s store director, Tim Burney, coordinated the scheduling of the store’s truck to move items over to Joseph’s apartment. Additionally, he helped with the vouchers for household items.
  • Faith Mission’s dock manager, Kyle, moved a couch that was donated to our organization to Joseph’s apartment.
  • The Development Department arranged for a mattress and box springs, bed frame, and headboard to be given directly to Joseph. They also submitted a grant report for monies covering the deposit for Joseph’s new home.

How the different staff members helped Joseph is only a small picture of what is involved with helping a homeless person get back on his or her feet. All of this would not be possible without the financial support of numerous individuals, churches, foundations, and businesses. THANK YOU for helping rewrite stories of homelessness.

Thanks to you, Joseph C. was able to get his own home.

If you have not read the story of how Joseph became homeless, please click here to read the first part of the story.

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