Jennifer’s Story of Light

Jennifer, New Beginnings Program Graduate, at her new job

Since the age of eleven, Jennifer has suffered from major depression. She had a good childhood and was loved by her parents. For whatever reason, depression, darkness, sadness, and madness constantly hovered over her. These emotions continued into her teenage years and then into adulthood. As a way to cope, Jennifer started drinking and using drugs.

In September 2017, depression hit Jennifer hard and fast. After a failed suicide attempt, Jennifer wound up at Red River Hospital. “Jennifer, I do not know what to do for you,” spoke her uncle as he dropped her off at Faith Refuge. Jennifer was heartbroken that day because she thought her family did not care for her. Little did Jennifer realize that hope and restoration awaited her at a homeless shelter.

When Jennifer walked through the doors of Faith Refuge, she shared how she felt, “The spirit of this place was instant. I was able to have peace for the first time in a long time.” Jennifer joined the New Beginnings Recovery Program, and God began to restore her soul, her physical body, and her family. Her children were excited about their mom being part of the program. Jennifer’s kids started going to church and reading the Bible because of her involvement with Faith Refuge.

Jennifer graduated with honors from the recovery program, got a job as a waitress, and now has a vehicle. She stated, “The world hasn’t changed, but I have changed.” She is praying she can be a light to all her customers at the restaurant where she works. When asked how we can pray for her, Jennifer said, “I would like for people to pray for my strength and that the depression, darkness, and sadness stay away. I also ask for other to join me in praying for other ladies like me to know that Faith Refuge is really a great place to go. I pray other families will bring their loved ones to Faith Refuge.


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