Jamie C.

Jamie is not the typical person who comes from jail to live in a homeless shelter. She began riding as a hunter and jumper on horses as a teenager and started traveling as a professional rider with a group after she graduated from high school. In the evenings they would drink socially. When she married, Jamie retired from professional riding. She and her husband had children but divorced after fifteen years of marriage.

As the years crept by, Jamie started drinking to numb the pain of different things. “I just didn’t care anymore. I was numb. I didn’t cry. I drank so much I would forget the shame,” said Jamie. She was eventually arrested for various reasons and sent to jail. Jamie called her sister Anna and asked, “Will you get me out?” By this time, Anna had already spent thousands of dollars trying to help her hurting sister. Anna responded, “Yes if you agree to go to this place I’ve found.” Of course, Jamie agreed to go.

Faith Refuge is where Anna took Jamie. “No, I don’t have a drinking problem. No, I don’t have a problem with authority. No, I don’t have a broken relationship with God,” Jamie told herself. The first lesson Jamie learned at Faith Refuge was about the problem of denial.  She quickly realized she was living in a total state of denial.

When asked what were the most important things she experienced or learned at Faith Refuge, Jamie had a lot of great things to share. “A relationship with Christ is the most important thing I gained. Without Him you are nothing. I also learned that to get rid of the shame you need to realize He’s forgotten it.”

Jamie now walks with her head high and is loving her new job. She’s gotten involved with a lady’s group at church who love her and are now her support group. Jamie asks for people to pray for her sobriety. Her sister Anna says of Jamie, “The darkness is gone.”


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