J.B.’s Story

It could happen to you.

From a young age, J.B. learned to work hard. As he grew into an adult, he started his own business and multiplied it a hundred-fold. He then sold the company and started another business, which also became hugely successful. During the ownership of his second business, he was married to a lovely school teacher. Like many couples, they desired to start a family of their own.  J.B. and his wife soon found out they had infertility issues, so they began IVF procedures. They spent tens of thousands of dollars resulting in multiple miscarriages. The heartbroken couple decided that it was not good or healthy for them to continue trying to get pregnant.

J.B. and his wife soon started living separate lives as a way to deal with their grief. He drowned himself in work while his wife turned to scrapbooking, spending more time at school, attending church Bible studies, and outings with friends. Alcohol became a numbing factor and solace for J.B.  Since 2008, he has struggled on-and-off with alcoholism. J.B. said, “You can make all the money in the world, and it won’t make you happy.”

Numerous rehab programs are much more comfortable and easier than the New Beginnings Recovery program at Faith Mission, but J.B. feels like this is home. Part of the program is work therapy. All the programmers are required to work different assignments at the shelter and at the resale store. J.B. spends most of his time in the kitchen. “I get great satisfaction serving the guys in the kitchen. I love to serve. I’ve also gotten close to the volunteers,” shared J.B.

J.B. never thought “this” would happen to him. Life throws us curves, so one thing Wichita Falls Faith Mission strives to do is help people learn to adjust and lean on God to be their comfort and joy. When asked how people could pray for him, he stated, “Please pray I stay sober. I also want prayer for me to find God’s purpose for my life. It just hurts being lost.” 


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