Damen T.

“I always blamed God for my problems,” said Damen. “I was raised around drugs, alcohol, and violence. My father has always been very mean and angry.”

Damen’s life has not always been easy, but he has had some good moments. When he was eighteen, he moved out from his mom’s house and attended a two year vocational school and became a certified welder. He then completed a four year apprenticeship to became a Journeyman Boilermaker.

Damen traveled a lot for work and made a decent amount of money. He owned a house, a motorcycle, and a car. However, the traveling left his fiancé feeling lonely and she eventually found comfort in the arms of another man. Damen found some solace in alcohol. A freak accident then left him unable to work for a year, which caused the start of his opioid addiction. During this time, Damen and his father went to a party. While at the party, Damen got into a verbal altercation with a man who then pulled a gun on him. The man shot Damen in the leg.

Damen, still addicted to pain pills from his previous accident, knew he had to get over his opioid addiction. He went to a drug recovery program in Abilene, TX. At the end of the program, he and his father reconciled. Unfortunately, this reconciliation only lasted for a short time. Damen’s father’s volatility soon came to the surface, and the two parted ways.

Once again Damen met with two more unfortunate accidents in a short span of time. This string of events led him to a homeless man who told him about Faith Mission. Damen never thought he would need the help of a homeless shelter to find light in his darkness, but he did.

Damen joined the New Beginnings program at Faith Mission in January 2018. “I had no self-worth when I came here. I thought my life was over. The staff and everyone here have really helped me,” Damen emotionally said. “God was with me all the time. I stopped blaming God for my problems.”

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