“I thought I was too old to get my life together,” shared 43-year-old Charla. Grief from the loss of loved ones began at the age of ten for Charla. She would slowly start the healing process of grief and then it would be like someone ripped off the bandage from the wound when another loved one passed away. The wound never completely healed, and not knowing how to cope with the sorrow, she turned to Xanax and pain pills. Another major blow in her life happened when her mom and dad died within a short time frame of each other.

Eventually, Xanax and pain pills were not enough for Charla. She became addicted to meth and could not overcome her drug addictions. Charla’s wake up call occurred when her best friend died coming off of opioids. “It was like coming off of heroin. I did CPR as best I could. I should have been the one who died. I thought my kids would be better off without me alive,” said Charla.

“I lost it. I yelled at God and tried everything to die,” stated Charla. It took her a little time after the loss of her best friend to make it to Faith Refuge. Charla didn’t know where to turn and had no place to go at this point in her life. God sent help by way of her ex-mother-in-law who wanted to take her to Faith Refuge so that she could join the New Beginnings Recovery Program. Hurting and alone, Charla thought, “I’m not going to a homeless shelter.” However, in God’s wisdom, He took everything away from Charla and made it to where she had no other choice.

The transformation began to occur in Charla soon after she arrived at Faith Refuge. She’s experiencing joy and happiness, which she never thought she would experience again in her lifetime. There will always be days when Charla wants to go to heaven to be with all her loved ones, but now she focuses on living for her kids. Since staying at Faith Refuge, her relationship with her three children is better than ever. “My kids are the greatest kids ever. Their eyes light up now when they see me. They don’t look at me like, “’Mom, really?!’”

 “Please pray for my future. Also, pray for me to focus on the day and find the joy in life,” said Charla.


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