Celebrating 60 Years with 6 Stories

The Underwear Bandit

“The underware bandit” robbed a McDonald’s with underware covering her face so she could support her drug habit. Now she supports the homeless by offering words of encouragement over the phone and in person.

Churches Help Rewrite Stories of Homelessness and Addiction

Pete lived on the streets for a while before he gave his heart to Christ during a chapel service at Wichita Falls Faith Mission. The message was delievered by FBC Burkburnett. Pete surrendered his life to the Lord on September 15, 2005 at 7:55 pm. That momement marks the exact time he overcame his addiction and never turned back to his old ways. Now he spends his time giving hope to the homeless and sharing the love of Christ.

Janet, New Beginnings for Women Director, with her mug shot.

Janet from Another Planet

Janet was known as “Janet from another planet” when she lived on the streets. Through the help of Wichita Falls Faith Mission Janet is no longer known as a Dope Fiend. She is now a Hope Fiend who serves as a New Beginnings Director for Wichita Falls Faith Mission. She brings hope to the stories of homeless women and women addicted to drugs and alcohol. 

No Longer a Drifter

Clarence hitch-hiked his way across many states until someone dropped him off at Wichita Falls Faith Mission. Clarence joined the drug and alchohol recovery program and thirty years later he is still clean and sober. He no longer drifts from place to place. Instead, he found his purpose in serving food to the homeless.

Dumpster Diving

Living in a car and diving into dumpsters to find things to sell is how Andrew supported his two children during one period of his life. Andrew’s drug addiction started in Junior High with marijuana, opening the door to over a decade of addiction. After two trips to rehab, Andrew is drug free. He believes his calling is to be a mentor to the men in New Beginnings, which is an alcohol and drug addiction recovery program. He now works at Wichita Falls Faith Mission’s resale store as a truck driver picking up donations and as a sales associate.

BUT God Saw

Sometimes people do not see the back story of what causes a person to turn to drugs. Shattered by her addiction, Megan could not see how the pieces of her life could be picked back up again ― BUT God saw. By HIS love Megan was restored. Just in the past month, as a case manager for Wichita Falls Faith Mission, Megan helped a mother and son regain housing and guided a man with disabilities get back up on his feet with the help of several organizations in Wichita Falls.

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