Brooks’ Story ― Finding the Root Problem to Rewrite His Story

“It took 35 years for me to finally get it,” said Brooks. “God is everything. God is bigger than your problems.” Brooks talked about a prison of his own making ― drugs. BUT, during his time in the recovery program at Faith Mission, he learned his emotional prison wasn’t really caused by drugs. His addiction was an end result of a deeper problem. He discovered his first problem was unforgiveness that stemmed from childhood, mainly towards his biological father. The second root problem turned out to be anger. “It was eating me like cancer,” shared Brooks.

By his own choice, Brooks called everyone he was mad at, held a grudge against, and mistreated so that he could try to make amends with them. “God doesn’t want hate in your heart for anybody. As a man it’s hard to admit you are wrong,” stated Brooks. In humility, he admitted he was wrong. Brooks’ last hurdle to overcome in his recovery journey was not to care what other people thought about him. An old friend saw he was at a homeless shelter and taunted him about it. Brooks admitted he was at Faith Mission. Freedom came with not being concerned if the person thought less of him.


Brooks graduated from the New Beginnings Recovery Program months ago, and new chapters of success, hope, and triumph continue to be written. For six months straight, he prayed for his daughter to be able to move to Wichita Falls, God answered that prayer by moving her to a house right down the road from Brooks. For the first time in years, Brooks was able to be with his daughter on her birthday. Another story of triumph is his job. Brooks went to MyStaf for help in finding a job. “They treated me with respect and like I was a human,” said Brooks. They placed him in a position that through his hard work, right attitude, and self-discipline led to a full-time job.

When asked what advice he would give to those who are part of the New Beginnings Recovery Program, he said, “There’s going to come a time in your program when you will find every excuse to leave. You need to get into your Bible at that point and keep reading it. Once you get past the point of finding every excuse to leave, the program will be downhill from there.”

God’s Amazing Grace is bigger than Brooks’ problems. The staff of Wichita Falls Faith Mission loves how the words, “I once was lost, but now I’m found. Was blind but now I see” ring true in Brooks’ life.


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