Billy and Dillon: A Brotherhood

Billy and Dillon laughed when someone joked about their being brothers “from another mother.” Billy quickly stated, “But we have the same Father.” Dillon nodded as Billy continued talking, “I’m going to love this dude until the day I die.

Many strong bonds are formed by the men who enter the New Beginnings program at Wichita Falls Faith Mission. The guys often call this a brotherhood. Billy and Dillon started their journey together when they shared adjoining bunk beds in the general population dorm at Faith Mission. Both were hurting and needed a glimmer of hope to realize their lives were not over; they were beginning again. 

Billy’s and Dillon’s story of friendship can be likened to that of David and Jonathan. Rare is the friend who sticks closer than a brother. Retraining your mind and changing habits is not an easy thing to do. Throughout the seven months of the program, they would both alternate on who wanted to quit and who would encourage the other to stick it out so they would not go back into their old way of life. When asked what advice they would give to other men in similar situations, they both quoted something they learned, “The circumstances of our lives are not always God’s fault. Our own choices or the devil are often to blame.

The young men are starting the next leg of their journey. They hope to get back into the work mode and regain employers’ confidences through the structure and discipline of work.

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