April H.

Years before a calamity in April’s life a lady by the name of Vinnie took the time to get to know April and her daughters. Vinnie showed them love and compassion and shared the Gospel with them. In 2010, the three of them were baptized in Vinnie’s pool.

Through a series of unfortunate events, April became estranged from her two daughters. “When all that happened, I gave up on God,” said April. Several years passed and April lost touch with Vinnie. One day April was walking down the street to the post office. Vinnie saw her, stopped and took her to a quiet place where they could talk.

April was sleeping on different friends’ couches and had no hope for a brighter future. Vinnie knew about Faith Refuge. In fact, Vinnie had taken another lady to Faith Refuge a few years before speaking to April. Vinnie told April about Faith Refuge and offered to take her there. April agreed.

God’s timing is perfect. April arrived shortly before the start of a new semester at the Career Academy. She joined the program, and according to the Faith Refuge’s Site Director, Sherry Hill, April is an excellent student and is very appreciative of all that is done for her.

April is now interviewing for jobs. She has sent out or completed a total of 50 job applications and resumes. “Faith Refuge has restored me. It has given me faith that I can set a good example for my girls. I hope they see through me that no matter what happens in life they can still get through it and be better on the other side as long as they stay close to God.”

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