Kappa Sigma Raises Awareness to Homelessness

A group of fraternity brothers at MSU are braving the cooler temperatures this weekend to help the homeless.

On the corner of Taft and Hamstead, you will find a group of men begging for bills for the next 48 hours.

They will be camping out in boxes to experience just a fraction of what it is like for those less fortunate.

It costs $1.76 per meal to feed one person at Faith Mission and $7.94 to house one person per night, and so every donation to the local non-profit goes a long way.

“And it matters, even more, when it comes from local people like this who are being involved in our community,” CEO of  Wichita Falls Faith Mission, Steve Sparks said.

Like the members of the Kappa Sigma fraternity.

Starting at 4 pm on Friday, fraternity brothers will be gathering with their boxes, milk jugs and signs to raise awareness to homelessness and raise funds for the Wichita Falls Faith Mission.

“Not everybody is from here but this is where we live now and we take pride in that so we wanna do this for Wichita Falls,” Kappa Sigma Fraternity Chair, Kale Hutchins said.

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