Donor Privacy Policy and Confidentiality Policy for Board Members, Committee Members and Staff of Wichita Falls Faith Mission, Inc.

The following policies apply to members of the Wichita Falls Faith Mission Inc., (FMI), board, its staff, volunteers, and to members of committees authorized by the board. References in the policies to board members are intended also to apply to committee members.

  1. Board and Committee Meetings

On any vote of the board, both the numbers of affirmative and negative votes and the individual votes of board members, unless specifically requested by a member otherwise, shall be confidential but the record of individual votes must be kept on file.

A. Disclosure

Board, committee and staff members shall not disclose to anyone outside of FMI the statements, positions, or votes by any board or committee member on actions taken by the board or its committees. Only in extraordinary situations will a board or committee member disclose his or her position or vote on a board or committee action, and only after advising the board’s chair before making such a disclosure.

B. “Sense of the Board” Matters

The general “sense of the board” on a particular matter may be conveyed to an applicant, grantee, vendor or donor when the sharing of such information is helpful in conveying the board’s concerns. However, such information should only be shared with the concerned party. In addition, such information may be shared with a donor or with another grantmaker when the information has been requested and is deemed important in helping the donor or grantmaker arrive at an informed decision on a grant proposal or opportunity.

  1. Executive Sessions

The minutes of the board meeting shall indicate when the board goes into executive session but shall not normally reflect any of the topics or discussion that occurs in executive session. However, when the board takes an action in executive session that needs to be recorded, the board chair will provide any such text that is to be included in the official minutes of the meeting.

  1. Board and Program Committee Docket

The docket prepared for the board and staff is confidential and should be treated as an internal document restricted to FMI use. No portion of the docket may be shared, in written or oral form, with any individual or with any organization outside of FMI. Exceptions may be made only with the consent of the Executive Director (ED).

  1. Personal Information on Staff and Board Members

The home addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses of the board, committees and staff members are not to be given out to any individual or organization without the express permission of the person to be disclosed.

  1. Information on a Donor’s Fund

All information concerning a donor’s fund, other than information published in the annual report, newsletter or FMI publication shall remain confidential unless approved by the donor. This includes information on the size and types of grants, the size of the fund, and other such information.

  1. Information on Donors and Prospects

All information obtained about donors and prospective donors will remain confidential and not discussed with any individual other than a board or staff member, unless otherwise authorized by the donor or prospective donor.

A. The names and physical addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers or email addresses of donors and prospective donors are not to be given out, shared, sold, rented or leased to any individual or organization without the express permission of the person to be disclosed. This is applicable to both online and offline donors. Use of donor information will be limited to the internal purposes of Wichita Falls Faith Mission, Inc. and only to further the programs, activities and purposes of this organization. FMI will not send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations.

B. When a donor requests that his or her gift or fund be treated an an anonymous gift or fund, the donor’s wishes are to be honored by both board and staff members.

C. All staff members shall adhere to the principle that all donor and prospect information created by, or on behalf of FMI, is the property of FMI and shall not be transferred or utilized except on behalf of FMI.

In signing this statement, I confirm that I have received a copy of the Confidentiality Policy and agree to abide by the guidelines set forth therein.


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