Case Management Services

Individualized Services with Specific Outcomes

Case Management

Case Management is a planned approach to ensuring that people who experience homelessness or addiction get the services and supports they need in order to become self-sufficient. Case managers work with clients to develop an Individualized Service Plan with specific outcomes. They do this by assessing their individual needs and, where appropriate, coordinating any programs and services designed to meet the individual’s needs.

How does it work?

  • Case managers meet every 7-10 days with the clients to plan, implement and monitor their Individual Service Plans.
  • Case managers develop action plans that will address these goals and provide ongoing support, resource referral and problem solving as clients move on their own paths from homelessness to housing and increased stability.
  • A case manager must follow a checklist of items to help their clients. Case managers work with a variety of different organizations to obtain the needs of the clients.
  • Occasionally, a case manager is an advocate that intercedes on behalf of the client to ensure appropriate services.

Time Frame

An Individualized Service Plan for clients can vary. It can be short term or long term. Examples are as follows:

  • Short term helping of a client with a bus pass who is passing through the area
  • Long term process of helping clients with the things necessary to get a job, like help in obtaining copies of their driver’s license and social security cards
  • Helping the client work with authorities on legal issues
  • Providing temporary housing when a client has a job but does not have a place to stay until he has the money from his first paycheck
  • Providing clothing for clients that have job requirements in order to start employment (i.e. needing black pants and black nonskid shoes in order to start work in the food industry)
  • Providing transportation to government offices and or Doctors office
  • Providing spiritual counseling

Types of Case Managers

  • General Case Managers
  • Family Case Managers
  • Mental Health Case Manager (pending)