You Gotta Give It Away

 Steve Sparks | Apr. 9, 2015 |  0

A friend of mine once said, “Love is always right.”  On the surface, it rings of truth but it really depends on whose definition of love you’re listening to.  Try as we might, at least some of our attempts at love are sprinkled with conditions and are lacking in sacrifice.  I love pizza, but I wouldn’t die for it.

In the myriads of attempts to describe “love” musically, my favorite was by a Christian Rock/Rap Band called DC Talk.  The name of the song … “Luv is a Verb.”  I know, it’s misspelled but take a gander at these lyrics,

“Gave up His life so that we may live.  How much more luv could the Son of God give?  Here is the example that we oughta be matchin’, cause luv is a word that requires some action.”

Well, luv or more accurately love in action can be seen daily at Faith Mission and Faith Refuge.  I’m in awe of the dedication of the volunteers who serve in so many ways.  Without the use of real names (they wouldn’t want the recognition), I want to highlight a few.

Nurse S. comes every week and provides general first aid and tracks the clients’ vitals.  We have several clients with life-threatening conditions like diabetes and she helps them manage their medications.  Sometimes the most important thing she does is to just listen.  She would be the first to deny this, but her presence here is like an angel sent by God to care … really care for some pretty crusty, hard-headed men.  I admire her so much.

Mr. Lunch-time R. comes to the mission every day at around lunch.  When I say every day, I mean every day … seven days a week.  He makes sure the dining hall is ready; he serves, cleans and sometimes just sits and has a conversation with someone if they look lonely.  He is such an example to me of what it means to be consistent and dependable.  So many of our clients don’t have anyone in their lives they can depend on.  They can depend on Mr. Lunch-time R.

What humbles me the most is that these volunteers that serve in our shelters and Faith Resale thank me before I can thank them.  Serving God is funny that way.  One of our staff members said the other day, “If you ever come and serve at the shelters, you’ll get hooked!”  It’s true.  When we put God’s love in action, it completes us and satisfies us like nothing else this world has to offer.

Take Mrs. Instructor B.  She is 85 years old and teaches a Bible Study every week at Faith Refuge.  The women love her.  She is a role model and an example of someone who has lived for God a long time. Yet when asked, she says she gets more out of it than the girls. I don’t know if that is always the case, but I can’t think of anyone better to influence those women.

So maybe love IS a verb … or it should be anyway.  Like Michael W. Smith, another Christian musician said, “Love isn’t love until you give it away.”  The last verse of that songs says, “There was a man who walked on water; He came to set the people free. He was the ultimate example; of what love can truly be; ‘Cause His love was His life and He gave it away.”  Thank You, Jesus.


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