Lyka and her son, Niko, live a fairly normal life, except for the fact that Niko’s mom helps rewrite stories of homelessness at Wichita Falls Faith Mission. Lyka’s friends and coworkers, Andrew and Megan, are an inspiration and reminder to her of how homelessness, drug addiction, and alcoholism often know no boundaries. Lyka’s job is to raise funds so Andrew, Megan, and other co-workers can work with homeless men, women, and children and help them rewrite their stories. Please help Lyka by giving on Texoma Gives Day, September 7.



Living in a car and diving into dumpsters to find things to sell is how Andrew supported his two children during one period of his life. Andrew’s drug addiction started in Junior High with marijuana, opening the door to over a decade of addiction. After two trips to rehab, Andrew is drug free. He believes his calling is to be a mentor to the men in New Beginnings, which is an alcohol and drug addiction recovery program at Faith Mission. He now works at Wichita Falls Faith Mission’s resale store.



Sometimes people do not see the back story of what causes a person to turn to drugs. Shattered by her addiction, Megan could not see how the pieces of her life could be picked back up again ― BUT God saw. By HIS love Megan was restored. Just in the past month, as a case manager for Wichita Falls Faith Mission, Megan helped a mother and son regain housing and guided a man with disabilities get back up on his feet with the help of several organizations in Wichita Falls.

Here is how you can help Lyka, Andrew, and Megan rewrite stories of the homeless.

  • On September 7 visit and find Wichita Falls Faith Mission under the homelessness category.
  • Once you have found the page for Wichita Falls Faith Mission, click on the give button and choose our organization.

    Megan and Andrew recently married. Not only did they begin a new journey on that day, but they also helped one of Megan’s clients begin a new journey. On their wedding day, they helped a man move into an apartment that he had waited on for months while living at Wichita Falls Faith Mission’s downtown location. When asked why they would spend their wedding day helping someone else, Andrew responded, “I wouldn’t have traded seeing the smile on his face when he walked into the apartment for anything in the world. I tell Megan all the time it is amazing what she does.” Megan shared, “Helping others is where I find my joy.”


Help rewrite stories of homelessness