Dennis’ Story

“The lowest point in my life was finding my father dead in his bed when I was fourteen. He had just had open heart surgery,” said Dennis. When Dennis was three days old, he was adopted. When Dennis was a young boy, his adoptive father would take him on all-weekend camping and fishing trips. Dennis…Read More

Joy’s Story

“The stuff I had seen and done was cold-blooded,” said Joy. Listening to her voice full of laughter and watching her eyes dancing with hope, one found it hard to take Joy seriously when she said those words. Joy made many choices that caused her to sleep on the streets. Joy liked to party and…Read More

Billy’s Story

Billy served six years as a Green Beret in Special Intelligence. During his time in the military, he married his high school sweetheart, and they had two children together. Military life made it hard for Billy to spend much time at home. In fact, the longest stay they had together was three months long. He…Read More

Sabrina’s Story

  Do you ever feel like life continuously knocks the breath out of you? Or that you cannot get back up? Sabrina felt like this after eight years of experiencing the circumstances of divorce, the death of an adult child, illness of family members and taking care of them, a major car accident, and the…Read More

Brooks’ Story

“It took 35 years for me to finally get it,” said Brooks. “God is everything. God is bigger than your problems.” Brooks talked about a prison of his own making ― drugs. BUT, during his time in the recovery program at Faith Mission, he learned his emotional prison wasn’t really caused by drugs. His addiction…Read More

Roxe Ann’s Story

God is not a god of coincidences.  In the book of Esther, we see how God uses what people call coincidences ― like the sleepless night of a king or Mordecai overhearing a plot to assassinate the king or that the king unknowingly married a Jew ― as ways to bring about His divine purposes.…Read More

Robert’s Story

Robert grew up in foster homes from the ages of four to seven before he was adopted by a family in Oklahoma. Things went well until he turned 11 years old when his adoptive mother had a heart attack. While his mother was in the hospital, his father sent him to stay with an aunt…Read More

Mike’s Story

When asked what your biggest heartbreak in life has been, Michael, a 64-year-old homeless man said, “Not having a life.” At the age of 12 he told his dad, “If you beat me one more time, I’m calling the police.” Michael’s father beat him again. His mother finally moved him and her other children away…Read More

Elvira’s Story

Elvira met a man from America, and they fell in love, so she and her daughter moved from Mexico to the United States to be with him. Elvira had no family near her and had no way of telling people the man she thought she knew turned out to be cruel, abusive, and controlling. She…Read More

Lindsey’s Story

Being a victim of sexual abuse affected Lindsey’s mind and perception, causing her to believe the only way to get love and attention was through her body. She became pregnant at the age of 16.  Lindsey eventually married the father of her unborn child and had four sons. The thought of keeping her family together…Read More

Myron’s Story

“I feel like God has given me another chance to man up,” said Myron. His addiction journey began when he started working to make a living for his family. One night, Myron told a co-worker, “Man, I’m tired.” His co-worker told him, “I have something that will wake you up.” This first pill-popping moment led…Read More

Interview with a 9 year-old boy

Faith Mission is blessed to help an energetic nine-year-old boy and his dad. Here are a few things he told us about himself. If you could do anything in the world, what would you do? Become the Flash. What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be in the army…Read More

Grace’s Story

Being a teenage girl is hard, but living in a homeless shelter as a teenage girl is really hard. One fourteen-year-old teen, whom we will call Grace, shared what some of the hardest things she faced while living at a homeless shelter. When Grace arrived at Faith Refuge with her mom, she was scared because…Read More

Yolanda’s Story

“Even though you’re in school, you can’t tell anyone what you’re going through,” recalls Yolanda about her childhood of disfunction and living off-and-on-again in a car. “When I meet with children at our homeless shelters, they don’t have to say a word. I know exactly how they feel.” Yolanda now works as the family case…Read More


“I thought I was too old to get my life together,” shared 43-year-old Charla. Grief from the loss of loved ones began at the age of ten for Charla. She would slowly start the healing process of grief and then it would be like someone ripped off the bandage from the wound when another loved…Read More


“I made a complete fool of myself,” shares Kyonda of the time in her life right before she came to Faith Refuge. Kyonda is a beautiful young lady who set out to help her mom and little brother but lost her way. Several years back Kyonda was attending college and making strides to follow her…Read More

Rose and Her Family

“It’s how you let your story end that matters,” stated Rose. Rose has come a long way since she was evicted from her apartment in November 2017. “I felt like my family abandoned me. Now, I thank God they didn’t open their doors to me,” shared Rose. Rose continued to tell how her sister cried…Read More


Jose’s Story of Mercy

Three years before Jose came to Faith Mission he became a Christian. He was on fire for the Lord, but then his father was diagnosed with cancer. “I thought since I was aligned with God, and living righteously, that He would do this one favor for me and heal my dad. He didn’t,” said Jose.…Read More

Damen T.

“I always blamed God for my problems,” said Damen. “I was raised around drugs, alcohol, and violence. My father has always been very mean and angry.” Damen’s life has not always been easy, but he has had some good moments. When he was eighteen, he moved out from his mom’s house and attended a two…Read More

Jamie C.

Jamie is not the typical person who comes from jail to live in a homeless shelter. She began riding as a hunter and jumper on horses as a teenager and started traveling as a professional rider with a group after she graduated from high school. In the evenings they would drink socially. When she married,…Read More

Billy and Dillon: A Brotherhood

Billy and Dillon laughed when someone joked about their being brothers “from another mother.” Billy quickly stated, “But we have the same Father.” Dillon nodded as Billy continued talking, “I’m going to love this dude until the day I die.” Many strong bonds are formed by the men who enter the New Beginnings program at…Read More

Dillon’s Story of Mercy

“I’m going to do something stupid if I don’t get into this program,” said 23-year-old Dillon. Broken and wanting to die, Dillon spoke with a case manager at Wichita Falls Faith Mission about how he could receive help through the drug recovery program. Dillon’s story starts in Des Moines, Iowa. At the age of 14,…Read More

Randi’s Story

“It’s hard to believe in something you cannot see,” Randi matter-of-factly said. Randi did not mean believing in God, rather,  she could not imagine herself being successful. Randi and her two boys spent months at Faith Refuge learning how they do have value and worth. This little family found hope and a new beginning at…Read More

Jennifer’s Story of Light

Since the age of eleven, Jennifer has suffered from major depression. She had a good childhood and was loved by her parents. For whatever reason, depression, darkness, sadness, and madness constantly hovered over her. These emotions continued into her teenage years and then into adulthood. As a way to cope, Jennifer started drinking and using…Read More

J.B.’s Story

It could happen to you. From a young age, J.B. learned to work hard. As he grew into an adult, he started his own business and multiplied it a hundred-fold. He then sold the company and started another business, which also became hugely successful. During the ownership of his second business, he was married to…Read More

Joe C., Pt. 2

We’re celebrating 60 Years of reaching the homeless for Christ! It’s fun to read the stories of people who came before us, and it is exciting to think about those who will be reaching the homeless for Christ in the next 60 years. This month we have a celebration story. Many people read the story…Read More

Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers

The Rodgers Family

“It really surprised us when our special needs child gained self-confidence here [Faith Mission],” stated Stephanie. “The staff, programmers, and clients helped my son. He would walk down the hall and the men would give him fist bumps, and my son created many nicknames for the different people.” Stephanie, Lloyd, and their sons came to Wichita…Read More

Celebrating 60 Years with 6 Stories

The Underwear Bandit “The underware bandit” robbed a McDonald’s with underware covering her face so she could support her drug habit. Now she supports the homeless by offering words of encouragement over the phone and in person. Churches Help Rewrite Stories of Homelessness and Addiction Pete lived on the streets for a while before he…Read More

Marshal D.

“The last place I would think I’d find peace is at a homeless shelter,” shared Marshal. Marshal grew up in an affluent family, yet peace of heart seemed to elude him. At the age of eleven, he had his first suicidal thought. Thankfully, Marshal never followed that train of thought too long; however, he did…Read More

George Chambers

Wichita Falls Faith Mission (once known as Faith City Mission) is celebrating 60 years of ministering to the homeless and those in need. Tens of thousands of people are forever changed because of this ministry. Throughout this year, you will see stories of lives transformed by God’s hand while at our two homeless shelters, Faith…Read More

Linda’s Story

After Hurricane Katrina, Linda first became acquainted with Wichita Falls. Ten years later, while living in New Orleans, she called the phone directory to locate a shelter in Wichita Falls to get away from a domestic abuse situation. The operator told her about Faith Refuge. Linda called our women and children’s shelter and found out…Read More

Faith Refuge Career Academy

“Can we just leave them with you?” asked the Career Academy students of their director, LaRae Collins. The ladies were referring to the hurts they each wrote down at the beginning of the semester and then sealed in an envelope. Originally, the students planned to burn their hurts when they graduated the academy, but the…Read More

Keith B.

“It’s like I’ve been reunited with Wichita Falls because this is the first place I bought crack cocaine,” shared Keith Blake. The reunion he celebrates is not with drugs but with himself. He is reminded of how Wichita Falls is the last place where he was addiction free before he started a cycle of drug…Read More

Tresa H.

Losing her son in 2012 sent Tresa on a downhill spiral that she thought would end in her death. She fell into a deep pit of drug usage and destructive ways until she contacted someone at Faith Refuge. At fifty-one years of age, Tresa started Faith Refuge’s Career Academy on August 21, 2017. Her goal…Read More

Joe C.

Meet Joe C. Joe grew up in Wichita Falls, and as of 2002, he has no immediate family members. “Life has been hard on me,” shared Joe. He turned 56 in December (2017) but has no bitterness toward men or God for the hard life he has lived. In fact, Joe is one of the…Read More

April H.

Years before a calamity in April’s life a lady by the name of Vinnie took the time to get to know April and her daughters. Vinnie showed them love and compassion and shared the Gospel with them. In 2010, the three of them were baptized in Vinnie’s pool. Through a series of unfortunate events, April…Read More

Andrew and Megan’s Story

Andrew’s Story Living in a car and diving into dumpsters to find things to sell is how Andrew supported his two children during one period of his life. Andrew’s drug addiction started in Junior High with marijuana, opening the door to over a decade of addiction. After two trips to rehab, Andrew is drug free.…Read More