Joe C., Pt. 2

We’re celebrating 60 Years of reaching the homeless for Christ! It’s fun to read the stories of people who came before us, and it is exciting to think about those who will be reaching the homeless for Christ in the next 60 years. This month we have a celebration story. Many people read the story…Read More

J.B.’s Story

It could happen to you. From a young age, J.B. learned to work hard. As he grew into an adult, he started his own business and multiplied it a hundred-fold. He then sold the company and started another business, which also became hugely successful. During the ownership of his second business, he was married to…Read More

Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers

The Rodgers Family

“It really surprised us when our special needs child gained self-confidence here [Faith Mission],” stated Stephanie. “The staff, programmers, and clients helped my son. He would walk down the hall and the men would give him fist bumps, and my son created many nicknames for the different people.” Stephanie, Lloyd, and their sons came to Wichita…Read More

Marshal D.

“The last place I would think I’d find peace is at a homeless shelter,” shared Marshal. Marshal grew up in an affluent family, yet peace of heart seemed to elude him. At the age of eleven, he had his first suicidal thought. Thankfully, Marshal never followed that train of thought too long; however, he did…Read More

George Chambers

Wichita Falls Faith Mission (once known as Faith City Mission) is celebrating 60 years of ministering to the homeless and those in need. Tens of thousands of people are forever changed because of this ministry. Throughout this year, you will see stories of lives transformed by God’s hand while at our two homeless shelters, Faith…Read More

Faith Refuge Career Academy

“Can we just leave them with you?” asked the Career Academy students of their director, LaRae Collins. The ladies were referring to the hurts they each wrote down at the beginning of the semester and then sealed in an envelope. Originally, the students planned to burn their hurts when they graduated the academy, but the…Read More

Keith B.

“It’s like I’ve been reunited with Wichita Falls because this is the first place I bought crack cocaine,” shared Keith Blake. The reunion he celebrates is not with drugs but with himself. He is reminded of how Wichita Falls is the last place where he was addiction free before he started a cycle of drug…Read More

Tresa H.

Losing her son in 2012 sent Tresa on a downhill spiral that she thought would end in her death. She fell into a deep pit of drug usage and destructive ways until she contacted someone at Faith Refuge. At fifty-one years of age, Tresa started Faith Refuge’s Career Academy on August 21, 2017. Her goal…Read More

Joe C.

Meet Joe C. Joe grew up in Wichita Falls, and as of 2002, he has no immediate family members. “Life has been hard on me,” shared Joe. He turns 56 in December but has no bitterness toward men or God for the hard life he has lived. In fact, Joe is one of the most…Read More

April H.

Years before a calamity in April’s life a lady by the name of Vinnie took the time to get to know April and her daughters. Vinnie showed them love and compassion and shared the Gospel with them. In 2010, the three of them were baptized in Vinnie’s pool. Through a series of unfortunate events, April…Read More

Andrew and Megan’s Story

Andrew’s Story Living in a car and diving into dumpsters to find things to sell is how Andrew supported his two children during one period of his life. Andrew’s drug addiction started in Junior High with marijuana, opening the door to over a decade of addiction. After two trips to rehab, Andrew is drug free.…Read More